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StoryFrame Podcast
A story is often shaped, influenced, or even made possible by its frame. The frame sets the stage, provides context, and can alter the interpretation of the story contained within it. However, without a story to tell, a frame is just an empty outline. While a story needs a frame to be comprehended and appreciated, the frame's purpose and significance are established by the story it encloses. Thus, a cyclical relationship where each element is both beginning and consequence of the other, symbolizing the interdependence between narrative content (the Story) and narrative structure or context (the Frame). Listen to the StoryFrame podcast.

About StoryFrame
If you are interested about the history of StoryFrame or where we are headed.

StoryFrame is all about owning our digital sandbox, steering clear of the unpredictable tides of social media platforms where one algorithm change can send your content into the abyss, never to be seen again. While we nod to the usefulness of social media as digital megaphones to shout out into the void, she's keen on directing those echoes back to our own website. But hey, if you're still keen to see what ripples we're making in the vast ocean of social media, feel free to dive into the URLs below.

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